Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Resurrection and the Night Life

And first off, a suggestion - nay, a demand - that anyone reading this check out Foilwoman's blog. Do it if only to read the backstory and thus be able to testify in her defence when she does finally snap and chain her ex to her ex's lawyer and hurl them both into the caldera of Mt St Helens.

FW, I have a sheaf of sick notes here, and if you want we can detain you to Bene's house - it's got alcohol and hot and cold running children. Just say the word.

So, how go things here?

They go aggressvely well. The older I get and the more medicine/psych I do the less patience I have with the purely pharmaceutical treatment of mental illness. I know no doctor advocates treating mental illness solely with a packet of pills, but I also know a lot of people to whom it seems to have happened, so something's happening somewhere.

Anyway, I am doing all the prophylactic things I tell my patients to do.

Judo (last night).

The gym (tomorrow morning).

Taking the medication (a while now).

Alcohol and Doctor Who (this weekend).

Going to my writer's group (Thursday) and writing stories (as we speak - a story which features, amongst others, some telepathic crows! Soon to be a major film with remarkable special effects).

Reading good stuff - currently a book on the history of electricity, complete short stories by Truman Capote, and a book of obscure words (did you know that "jaculate" is a word still occasionally used for the throwing of an object, particularly a spear or dart - but potentially a suggestion or idea? If struck by a particularly insightful idea during your next lunchtime meeting, attract the attention of your superiors by urgently and loudly announcing your intention to jaculate.

Jaculation also refers to the verb transitive, to jaculate is "to dart", the action of darting. A word certain to enliven any sporting commentary - "Judd attempts a tackle, but Pavlich jaculates towards the goal-square...").

(And did you know that there is such a word as pogonophobia? It refers to a morbid dread of people with beards. This means that somewhere there is someone who has a morbid fear of me. I would like to correspond with this person, s/he could be reassured and I suspect I might find the process personally empowering).

Also social intercourse - several times this Friday and Saturday.

And so on. Looking forward to it. Seriously, cognitive/behavioural interventions, that kind of thing. And I have signed myself up for some CBT sessions - although apparently the first few meetings often make people feel worse rather than better, stir up stuff and so on. Something to look forward to.

Thanks for listening,


Anonymous Camilla said...

Oh nuts, I tried to leave a message of support for FoilWoman but her journal is fiends-only. I hope you don't mind, but I'll leave it here instead, in the hope she'll see it.

FW, good luck and hang in there! I hope it all works out for the best for you and your kids.

(how appropriate - my verification word is "mdkid"!)

2:54 AM  
Blogger Foilwoman said...

Camilla: Thank you very much. I check BJ's blog often enough so as to make myself wonder if I have OCD as well as the other stuff, so this is probably as good a place to post anything I should read. Thanks so much. I'll know the final resolution by the end of summer. Of course, summer doesn't official start for another 15 days.

11:44 AM  

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