Monday, May 29, 2006

Green Monkey Fever, II

Well, thank God that's over. I am back - paler, thinner, listlesser and with even more of a tendency to feel sorry for myself than usual - but back.

Hmmm - pale skin, gaunt, depressed looking.... irritable middle-aged doctors can't be Goths, can they?

And I do think you sort some stuff out in times like this. At least some part of your brain must be working while your body so demonstrably is not. I am sorting stuff out about work, and writing, and all that. More on that as it eventuates.

Bloody hell. Walked to the shop to get my lunch today, wouldn't be a kilometre, walked really slowly but even so had to stop under a tree for a rest. All I need now is a bloody cloth cap.

Thanks for listening,



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