Sunday, May 14, 2006

The best doctor in this spiral arm of the galaxy

Bloody hell. Go now and read this.

What can you say?

I know years ago, I had this plan, pretty much worked out, to go work in Namibia. Sere deserts and sand dunes, drought and starvation and the child slave trade and Lutherans.

It was years ago, before medicine, when I was going to be a teacher. I was going to finish everything off, get the qualifications (a biology degree with emphasis in ecology and a teaching qualification) and fly over to Namibia and Do Good. Later the plan changed to preaching, but the idea was the same. I was reading a lot of mysticism then, Meister Eckhardt and the Chuang Tzu, and I was going to give everything, give up everything, empty out like a shell, until there was only the light of God left inside me.

Well, if you look at it honestly, this man did it, and seems to have been able to be less of a prat about it than I would have been, too.


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Anonymous Camilla said...

It's not too late, you know. And you don't have to relinquish everything you care about in order to do some good (IMO, having things/people you care about helps you to be a better person anyway).

Great story by the way.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

It better not be too late. Today I passed a booth where Mediciens Sans Frontiers were collecting. They take people on six month minimum things to areas of need. I have decided that am not going to die before working for them.

Thanks for the compliments. Bet you'll look lovely.


7:24 PM  
Anonymous Camilla said...

Heeeee *blush* Thank you! I'll send photos :D

12:29 AM  

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