Monday, March 06, 2006

And now for something completely different...


The following is best read in a gruff, masculine and embarrassed voice:

Right, thanks for that everyone, everything's all cleared up now. Should be okay from here on, thanks again for your help, very much appreciated...


I am going to take some of the excellent advice I recieved, which can be boiled down into three simple phrases ("get a sense of proportion", "take your own medical advice" and "for God's sake, John, grow a pair") and move on. Moving on in a low alcohol, low risk, appropriately medicated way, and carefully checking out if there is any repair work to do (post mania* behaviour requires an entire new set of verbs: Deflirting. Counterpromising. Aggressolysis. De-Don'tworrymateI'lldoiting): moving on slowly but presumably in a direction that makes sense.

Having said that, this has shaken me up a bit - not a call for reassurance, just an observation - in that that was the first serious upswing for a long time. I don't know if it was related to the medications I should have been taking more of earlier, or the fact I'm not doing shiftwork anymore, or if this is the new shape of things (I doubt it, but I'm not a psychiatrist, even if a week ago I reckoned I knew as much as some of them) - but whatever caused it, it's perturbing. Needs looking into.

Anyhow, on to stuff that isn't just about me (having said that, thanks one last time, everyone).

Anyway, today was allegedly work but is in reality a two day seminar on "dealing with the violent patient". It was actually quite good - a lot of the "self defence" courses I've been to have been about how to smack the other guy out insterspersed with somewhat unfeasible wristlocks and so forth, whereas this one was more on the applied psychology - how to verbally and physically manouvre things so that what could have been an assault remains a conversation, and so on.

The presenter was actaully quite normal for a martial arts bloke. He was full of ghastly tales about people who ignored his helpful advice and were then punched, bitten, stabbed or run over with semi-trailers, and then came back to him and said how right he had been... but otherwise normal.

Anyway, off to bed. Thanks again.


* Please God


Anonymous Camilla said...

If it's ever a subject for one of your entries, I'd be interested to hear just exactly how you do talk your way out of a situation where someone is desiring to run you over with a semi-trailer. Don't know how likely it is to happy in my future line of work, but you never know...

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Camilla said... "happy" in my future line of work?


I'll just go and untangle my fingers from my brain now.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Chade said...

I'd e interested in hearing about that as well.
On the other note, I'm guessing it's the weekend of Apocalypse for I myself have just emerged, suprisingly unscathed from strange place (See: The End! on my blog).

Whenever you need, doc, just ask, and your three comrades shall emerge to your aid.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Foilwoman said...

If only we could just do. It's all the undoing (deflirting, demarrying, decommitting, dedating) that is our undoing in the end. I'm find moving forward; it's shifting into reverse that's the problem.

4:10 AM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

Hail, all:

First off, considerable insight from our friendly neighbourhood Foilwoman. Undoing stuff is impossible, you just have to go forward. Deflirting is on a par with unscrambling an egg. More on this later. But well spotted - and well said. If anyone's reading this and doesn't read FWs blog, beat yourself around the head and neck with a pair of septal morselisers and then read on.

And thanks for all the friend stuff. Better than I deserve. Read Chade's blog, too. See how ther's more than just phone sex, there's vicious phone breakups too.

The guy with the semitrailer was actually run over by said semitrailer. It was a horrible little story. What I got out of it is there are some people that want to fight, and the best form of self defence is identifying them and getting the hell out of their way.

Thanks for listening,

12:30 AM  

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