Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Tell you what, I might be taking a few days off at this rate.

Not that I don't have things to do - there's lots I'm going to do. I have plans. Great plans, big plans, complex plans, plans involving keeping multiple things going at once. Things will be whirring like the inside of a clock, or the heart of a photon.

I'm going to get up on the roof and clean the gutters out, then put up the aviary and maybe fix the chook-house, once I've scrubbed the kitchen. Plus judo and the gym and stuff. Hit the punching bag again, bit of Muay Thai.

That, I understand, seems like lots of plans. But it's not that I'm not capable of doing things. I feel supremely capable. I feel strong, I feel remarkably strong. Out of the strength comes forth sweetness,as they say, sweetness and fireworks. And I reckon this place, SMACHEAD and Florey and all - I reckon they need me. How could they function without my frenetic energy, my crucial insights, my white-light drive?

Yep, needing less sleep, feeling remarkably energetic and confident, thinking fast and clean.... I know what this means, or what it may mean in a couple of days.

I feel like there is a fire beneath my skin. Honestly, I close my eyes and I feel it lapping. Sometiems I've got so much energy I almost shake, sometimes words tangle on my tongue.

What it probably means at the moment is upping the valproate (from it's current dose of close to bugger all) and taking a few days off. Very probably this Friday off from the ED. Maybe a few days off sooner rather than later.

Not that there's anything wrong with me, of course. It's everyone else who is slowed down.

Anyway, the purple tablets. See you soon.



Blogger Foilwoman said...

Wishing you well over the next few days. I know ADHD is not the same, but I get the same feeling when I'm in flow and everything is moving rapidly and no-one else seems to be thinking fast enough to keep up with the synaptic shifts. It's a great feeling, and then I take my medicine. My best to you and TduCN.

1:35 PM  

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