Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clearer than Clearwater

Just a quick note. I am catching up on the comments, starting early January, and enjoying it a lot. Thanks to commenters from the commentee. Have a look at this place, by the way:

Where I should have gone

It's a private psychiatric facility in the US, and it costs $1700 dollars a day. I don't know what anyone's budget here is, but I know that if I wasn't anxious and depressed before I was admitted to this place, I would be once I realised what else I could be spending the money on. Ten days in this place means a trip to bloody Paris: sitting on the banks of the Seine, drinking cheap wine, eating the best food, having decadent sex and reading the second best literature in Europe* - what's going to be a better antidepressant than that?

You'd want to be pretty damn sick to justify spending seventeen hundred dollars a day on yourself, and the sad thing is if you are pretty damn sick they won't take you.

How the other half froths. Anyway, presumably makes Clearwater seem like something out of Das Boot.

And as stated earlier, anyone who wants to improve the "hits from exotic places" by actually moving there, even if only for a short while, is welcome. Medical certificates, if necessary, can be provided - it may be, for example, that you have rickets, and that the best treatment for this is to move to the sundrenched shores of Cuba. Or, the way global warming is going, the sundrenched shores of Greenland.

Or perhaps your attack of measles (I dimly recall hearing this called the most contagious disease, just edging out fear, stupidity and the desire to buy whatever the new version of Pokemon is) requires treatment in isolation - perhaps Tristan da Cunha, in the distant South Atlantic, or the Svalbard Islands, north of Norway. Be creative, so I don't have to.

Anyway. Things to do. Panicking and dismay to avoid, the gym to attend, study and house-cleaning and cat stuff to do. I note, im passim, some vaguely heartening news from the UK about the Catholic Church and homosexual adoption.

I will post something substantial once I have caught up on the comments.

Thanks for listening, and speak soon,

*Not all on the banks of the Seine. Well, not all at the same time on the banks of the Seine. Not in daylight.


Blogger Foilwoman said...

And they recommend a twenty-day stay. $34,000 for starters! Hey, getting divorced* only cost $22,000 more than that. And for $34,000, I'd want more than prescription drugs, mind you.

*With custody battle.

1:08 PM  
Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said...

It's money well spent, IMO.


1:23 PM  
Blogger Dr Dork said...

I recommend listening to the latest ShrinkRap podcast if you haven't yet heard it - they have a lively debate about "The Retreat".

As a fellow doc who has spent time in both a public and private psychiatric ward in the past (we have a "two-tiered" system here in Oz, it seems) the difference in several aspects of care is discomfiting, and disheartening.

Kind regards

9:49 PM  
Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Eureka! You've discovered the reason I refuse to buy therapy for my post-traumatic stress disorder. I'd rather be in Paris!

(PTSD self-diagnosed, of course, since I refuse to pay someone else to do it; and because I'm a nurse who -- like all nurses -- likes to diagnose herself and usually screws it up.)

1:00 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

Dr Dork-thanks for the shout. You all can catch the podcast here. There is also a lively Shrink-vs-Shrink series of posts about the Retreat, No Retreat, and then Dinah's planning for her ?eventual nervous breakdown.

I was really hoping to read something in your subsequent post, John, about hyperparathyroidism. Just saw a case last week, presenting with depression, paranoia, and weight loss.

7:18 AM  

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