Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Interesting idea the other day.

Sara and I were sitting outside on the verandah listening for the silence of the countryside. I say listening for, rather than listening to, because there wasn't much of it. From behind us, in the largest cattery, several of the queens were emitting honks and squawks that presumably translated as "hey, big boy" in Oriental catspeak.

Have a look, by the way, at these - oriental cat/Riverland sultana crossbreeds.

And several of our teenaged roosters were crowing in the back yard, hollering lustfully.

The entire air was charged with unrequited lust. Suddenly I had an idea.

"Why don't we get those together -" I said to Sara.

She finished the sentence "and breed griffins!"

We worked out this would work perfectly. We have white shaggy ckickens (the silkies) and white shaggy cats (the Balinese), and together we could make a kind of bantam griffin, with the head of a chicken and the hindquarters of a cat.

They wouldn't be particularly fierce, of course, since it's difficult to be pecked to death by a silkie, or fly far, or eat much, and they would sell like hotcakes. We could both retire immediately, mythological animal barons and billionaires.

Unfortunately, as someone subsequently pointed out, it wouldn't be long until the novelty wore off and then there'd be the usual dumping of unwanted chittens in the bush - leading to an exploding population of feral griffins and the downfall of Western civilisation, which would be bad. And come to think of it, Eastern civilisation wouldn't do that well either.

Anyway. It was funny at the time. Next time more substantial stuff.


Anonymous Camilla said...

My brain keeps turning the word around and calling them "kitchens". I think a silky/oriental cross would make a very sweet looking griffin.

And gelukkige verjaardag for Sarah, for the other day :)

7:15 AM  

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