Monday, September 12, 2005

Smart, Hardworking, Easy to Get On With...Hot


Feeling very productive today (unfortunately for me, that's a term we use to refer to a cough more often than a person), so here's something I worked out.

To succeed in this job you need to be two out of three things.

You need to be two out of the following: smart, hardworking or easy to get on with.

See, if you're really smart, but you don't do any work, and you piss people off, sooner or later it all falls apart.
If you're hardworking, but you're stupid and you don't listen to anyone else, you're an impediment and we have to get you out of there before you kill someone or someone kills you.
If you're daft and lazy but you're easy to like, people might like you as a person (up to a point) but they'll get pretty sick of you pretty quick, and it'll be "Get out of my emergency department".

Last month we had a med reg who managed to be neither. He was too lazy to go and see the woman with the possible blood clot in her lung. He was stupid enough to try to send her home with said possible blood clot in her lung, depite her being pregnant, and having only been pregnant twice before and each time having had a blood clot. And he was dismissive of anyone's attempts to prevent this happening. Makes a difficult job un-necessarily more difficult.

Well, last night I told one of my fellow workers this theory, and we both agreed that a special, if temporary, exemption could be made in the case of the certifiably hot. If someone is really mindbogglingly good to look at, that kind of magnetic, head-swivelling way, then for a short period of time they can be anything. But only for a short period of time.

Anyway, must sleep. Thanks for listening,


Blogger Foilwoman said...

I don't know. When the guy asks to look to see if my airway is closing due to increasing edema of the uvula, I really and not thinking about hotness (though I certainly didn't mind). I did want that aura of competence and caring. Even if faked and supervised by you from a distance. Or were you the mindnumbingly hot guy? Or was that the meds?

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