Friday, August 26, 2005

Get with the programme

Very quick note today.

And why is that? I imagine hearing you ask.

It's because tonight and tomorrow I embark on my "stop whining about your life and take your own bloody advice" anti-depressant regimen.

This is a carefully crafted programme of selected exposures to appropriately hedonogenic stimuli. In no particular order, and with much potential for repetition, and with no particular time constraints, these include:

A bottle of Merlot.
Watching the Fourth Test Ashes (the hundred odd year old cricket competition between England and Australia) with my brother.
Watching the new Dr Who video.
Green apples.
That lamb shank thing my brother cooks.
A late morning lie-in with my beautiful wife.
Yum Cha.
An umpteenth re-reading of Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's single most enjoyable play.
That Italo Calvino book about Venice.
That other book about Venice.
Watching Minority Report, plus the LOTR films, Singing in the Rain, My Fair Lady and maybe some old Judo with my eldest son.
Ultimates, Daredevil, those creepily good Grant Morrison comics, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Starting back at the gym.
Starting study but at a reasonable, unpressured pace - that whole knowledge for curiosity things I used to have.

It's weird. I've got this whole "get life back on track" thing at the moment, since I went in and told the consultants that Iskandar had quit and Pippi was going to quit and I had this great new job offer and there were going to be changes either in the amount of work the junior registrars were doing (less) or in the number of junior registrars (losing the last few and ending up with none). And that this wasn't me begging or threatening or imposing any kind of ultimatum, it was just what was going to happen.

I feel weirdly at peace.

Wonder who I've got on with me tomorrow night?

Thanks for listening,



Blogger Foilwoman said...

Nice negotiating strategy. It's always good to tackle these problems when you are, strategically speaking, in a position of strength, but are irked enough that you don't really care what the particular opponent does, you've already started making your plans.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Chade said...

Those morrison's wouldn't happen to be the Seven Soldiers? Quite enjoyable. And as for the Ultimates... Well, that annual was great. A nice change in flow before Grand Theft America. Who is the traitor?

9:58 AM  
Blogger Benedict 16th said...

Sorry about beating you guys by 45 points, it was supposed to be only a few points and Melbourne is supposed to lose and you guys were gonna finish 8th. Again sorry about that.... We will try and win the flag for you...
And the Brissie game was close wasn't it?

Port Adelaide 18.12 (120)
Fremantle 11.9 (75)

St Kilda 28.18 (186) Milne 11,
Brisbane 7.5 (47)

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Camillargh said...


:`( :`( :`(

11:09 PM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

Thanks Foilwoman,
(by the way, I'm wondering what we'd shorten that too if you lived around here... Foilo? Foily? Foils, mate?

What you said sounds very true, and very Sun Tzu... although I doubt Sun Tzu mentions Merlot and Buddy Guy. He would have, though.


9:17 AM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

Hail Chade,
In three days or so I pick pretty much all of them up. I am counting down.


9:20 AM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

My neurosurgeon suggests I should be able to discuss the football without risking a cerebral bleed by some time in 2066. As long as it's late in the year.

Seriously, the whole thing is gutting. By me, season 2006 started three days back.


9:23 AM  

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