Saturday, June 11, 2005


Back after a few days absence.

Yesterday, while lounging at home, I got a phone-call from work, and apparently I have to go to court. I worked out this makes a maximum of five upcoming court cases I am going to be involved in within the next year. Listen to this list:

A sixteen year old boy is taking the police to court because he reckons they broke his arm. I'm the one who saw him and his arm was broken, and he had been arrested. He had a spiral fracture of the humerus, the big bone of the upper arm. He reckoned the police punched him, the police reckon they had to put him in an armlock when they arrested him... this is apparently happening in a few months.

My murder case, where someone murdered my patient a few weeks after I saw her. The police reckon her partner, who was the bloke who half-strangled her and put her in the hospital is the same bloke who three weeks later strangled and punched her to death. Scheduled for November.

The other man, the Middle Eastern guy who broke into that house in the eastern suburbs and bashed those two sleeping people with a plumber's wrench, then jumped off the balcony at the prison and committed suicide. This one is still over the horizon.

The drink driving case, where the drunk guy reckons he was not drunk. I may get out of this, it's in the next month or so.

This recent one, where some woman is suing her GP because he treated her one month of back pain by giving her valium (highly addictive, doesn't work), paracetamol + codeine (addictive, treats the symptoms, not the cause), and one thirty milligram injection of morphine (a bloody big dose, causing her vomiting, confusion and a large amount of distress). All this while saying her back pain was due to stress (!) and avoiding any sensible investigation or treatment for either back pain (anti-inflammatories, anyone?) or her supposed stress. No idea when.

I have this vague idea there's another one coming up, but I have forgotten it. Since my previous times in court have been meagre (driving a girlfriend's car which turned out to be unregistered, and being arrested and charged with trespass during some anti-chicken killing protest back in the eighties) ,

Anyway, nights tomorrow.

Anything else? I've started writing fiction again. I intubated someone the other day (and this is a big thing for me, I have only done this a few times), more of this anon.

Thanks for listening, by the way.


Blogger Stoic Stranger said...

What do you write John? You should give us, your faithful readers, a sample.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Bronze John said...

Thanks. I'd love to, but there's this whole daft confidentiality thing. But I'll post next time I make a sale.

9:50 PM  

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