Friday, May 27, 2005

Attack of the smiling starfish

Well, no posts for a couple of days because I wanted to spare everyone my whining. In the interim I have been to see Dr Pala, a round-faced, cheery man with a tendency to draw diagrams about everything ("Now, if this line represents your worst feelings, and this curve here the amount of time ..."). The end result of this has been an alteration in anti-depressant (escitalopram to reboxetine) and an alteration in my valproate dose. And review in a week's time, and promise to stay on this for at least two months.

And in the meantime I have been boxing and judoing and going out socially and keeping busy and seeing friends and even saw two movies, all that stuff that I tell my patients can help. And I know it will.

The movies, by the way, were Kingdom of Heaven and the Star Wars one. Kingdom of Heaven was good, but you got this feeling it was a wee bit too epic - all the dialogue was portentous and significant, everything was emotionally charged, there was no mediaeval version of people sitting around doing jack all and someone saying "Hey, did you see the cricket?".

And the Star Wars one was good. One thing I noticed was the Sith Lord names. One character was called Darth Sidious and another called Darth Vader. It seems that Sith Lords are named by geting normal English words and removing the prefix "in": in-sidious, in-vader. Somewhere in the galaxy there are Dark Lords of the Sith called Darth Digestible, Darth Flammable and Darth Teriordecorating.

Oddly enough, I had two drug reps drop by in last few months - one flogging reboxetine and the other hawking escitalopram. They present evidence that their medication is the one you should be using, they burble on about how side effect free it is and how much better it is than the others, I ask a few questions and they leave me some samples and flee. The medical journals are full of advertisements for the products, complete with catchy phrases, slogans and little cartoon creatures. Reboxetine is advertised by a large, green, smiling starfish kind of thing that appears in their advertisements with its arm (?) around the patient, who used to be depressed but is no longer, since he was befriended by a large, green, smiling starfish that no-one else can see.

One of the side effects of valproate is listed as "taste perversion". Gives me a weird mental image of a tongue wearing a rubber corset and stilettoes.

Sigh. Plus hair loss, acne, weight gain, weight loss and mood and behavioural fluctuations (!).

Not looking forward to this. Perhaps I'll move back into denial. That always sounds as if it neighbouring small town, you can imagine this geography - eighty eight kays to Denial, just stay on the main highway, first turn off after you go through Puberty. If you end up in Complete and Total Ignorance, you've gone too far.

Always seemed a much more relaxed kind of place to live than here.



Anonymous Darth Petuous said...

The whole thing a little too Darth Probable was. Mystified about some of their motives, I remain.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Darth Toxicated said...


12:07 AM  
Blogger Chade said...

Darth = Dark
Vader = Father
Curse the dutch.

7:54 AM  

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