Friday, July 24, 2009

In which I mangel my wurzel.

I don't know whether to launch into a great detailed explanation, with sub-paragraphs and appendices, for why I have not been blogging, or just to get on with it. I might just try to get on with it , and append appendices where they need appending.
And I do feel rather guilty about all this, regardless of the reasons, but either way - enough with the writing about not writing and more with the writing.

Sarah, by the by, does relatively well, and is interstate for a cat spectacular. Clinically, she remains in a state of advanced gorgeousness. My niece - I can't remember what pseudonym she picked, I think it was something like Ginger* - is living with us, working at the Royal in the surgical admissions suite. The cats thrive, I am building a cattery for them. It progresses at the rate of a medieval cathedral, except instead of generations of artisans they've got me. She has dumped the cartoon-watching boyfriend with the dangly thing in his nose for a Romanian kickboxer called Vlad.

My patients - there are ups and downs. The Global Economic Where the Hell Did That Come From has affected them, like it has everyone else, but in an unusual way - there is the usual unemployment and under-employment, but added to that is the stimulus, or as we call it, the stimulant package. If you don't have a lot and things are unstable and you suddenly get a lot there is a tendency to spend it on stuff that maybe won't help you a lot.

Anyway - that's a brief intro. Will. Write. Again. Soon.

Thanks for reading, too.

*Some kind of edible root - Sweet potato? Mandrake? Mangel-wurzel?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


(sound of crickets)...