Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Reading the News

Random thoughts here. Have decided to emerge from my cave and spent one hour checking up on world events. Here is what I found out:

First, something written by someone who knows how to write: Christopher Hitchins, who writes for a magazine called Vanity Fair, and wrote the following entitled "On not mouring the Pope".

I also note that developers in the UK are building "Dicken's World", with an Ebenezer Scrooge ride and ice-skating characters - a pirouetting Pecksniff, a gracefully leaping Micawber. Presumably restaurants serving gruel and entrance into the park is via a narrow, cold chimney. Wonder what they'll do with Fagin?

By the way, Dickens managed to become the greatest novelist of his generation while naming people Honeythunder, Pumblechook, Sweedlepipe and M'Choakumchild.

Soemthing else moderately interesting - some economists in the US have traced the economic trajectory of childs names. Rich (white) people start naming their kids something then poor (black) people pick it up, forcing the rich white people to drop those names and get a new set and so on. So the first few years of Madisons go to Harvard and Yale and the next ten years go to Tennessee and Iowa and the next ten years to Chino and Lewisburg.

Anyway, not that verbose today. See you soon.



Anonymous Camilla said...

I know what they'll do with Fagin. Rather than have the punters pay entry fee at the gate, they'll just have Fagin come round and lift the cash out of their pockets as they wander around all goggle-eyed with their up-sized McGruel in one hand and novelty chimney-brush in the other.

9:27 PM  

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