Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Not Terribly Good Club of South Western Australia


Well, the good news or the bad news?

Which one's which depends on who you ask, of course. From my point of view, the fact that I failed both of the sections of my primary exam is not that good. Physiology - close, pharmacology - not even.

What can I say? I immediately came up with things that, if not excuses, were at least reasons. it's a bloody hard exam. People came out of the multiple choice section crying, and one or two actually fled the viav section (ten minutes, five topics, your time starts now, tell me about the pharmacodynamics of nitric oxide). Natalia Smerdlov, a Russian-trained registrar who went over with me (movie-star good looks, awesomely competent, prize-winning brain) attempted four sections and failed all of them - probably the only exam she's ever failed in her life. Sarah Lotree passed, but on her fifth attempt. Shizuko sat the Anatomy section and found it so demoralising she pulled out of the rest of them. It was actually bloody hard.

My marks were not helped by my combination of terror and exhaustion in the final viva section where I insisted on answering the opposite question to the one they were asking. They asked about nitric oxide, I told them about nitrous. They asked about beta blockers, I told them about beta stimulators. They wanted effects on the vascular endothelium, I frothed on about the epithelium. And so on.

But anyway. The weird thing is how happy I feel. It sounds wanky, but I learnt a lot by doing the study. I had what they call a "valuable learning experience". I gave it a go. And now I am free.

What does this mean for you, ungentle reader (just joking)? It means regular writing of this blog. It also means I can go to the gym, go back to judo, get back to writing, see my wife and family, ring my son, that kind of stuff. I can live a normal life.

I might call this entry quits. I'm so tired what I say and what I type makes no sense at all to me. I have bought a few good books, so future entries may be on mutants, chemical and biological warfare in ancient Greece or the genetics of religion. Alternatively, it might be a drunken ramble about football and superhero comics.

Anyway, see you soon. Thanks for reading.



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