Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just thought I'd mention that a few days ago our branch (the southern administrative division of the Drugs and Alcohol Department) had to be put in lock-down. Lock-down is where we call the police, lock all the doors and put our security people on alert.

This was occasioned by a man whom none of us recognised, who stormed in, bellowed how we had taken his kids away - the Department of Family Health welfare is next door - and said we'd better lock all the doors, because he'd be back with a hammer to kill us all.

He then left, got onto a red bicycle with a carry basket on the front - I am not making this up at all - and pedalled away. His accomplice in this was a toothless woman in a pink jacket with hello kitty on the back.

Anyway, with the manager being away on leave I closed the place down. My experience has been that the patients who are going to hurt you come from two groups - those you don't suspect (little old ladies with delirium) and those you do (angry young men with psychoses). When the covering manager (five foot three) arrived she offered to stand out the front "in case he comes back", but that wasn't well received, so we all sat inside and our clients had to knock on the door and we'd peer at them through a slot and let them in, like a nineteen twenties speak-easy.

We initially did not know who this guy was, but a few hours later we got a phone call from a woman who wanted to speak to us about the assessment of particular, un-named client three months ago. The desk woman said we couldn't give out information like that, the woman said "All we want is an appointment with the same guy who assessed Joe Smith three months ago" and then the male voice in the background began bellowing "Don't tell 'em my bloody name, you stupid bitch!!!" and they hung up.

We sent the police around to Joe Smiths house. Later someone rang Family Health and he'd had all nine of his kids taken off him for various reasons, and when he saw us he'd been smoking two hundred dollars worth of marijuana a day. Unless you are being savagely ripped off, that is a substantial quantity, and I suspect may in some way be connected to both his state of mind and his meathod of dealing with his problems.

all action and litle reflection this post, which will probably be countered by the next one.

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