Thursday, December 14, 2006

Axes and superconductors

Just a quick post. I went in to Clearwater today for a checkup (sortof the psych patient version of the 30 000 kilometres checkup), and one of the things I mentioned was Dr Greene, how that had affected people, given us pause to think. And I didn't mention Florey by name or anything, but as soon as I spoke the psychiatrist knew who I was talking about - already informed.

And I had mentioned it to one of the doctors at the drug and alcohol service, and I suspect that they would all know by now. And a friend of mine who was a GP mentioned it the other day.

Anyway, what I was thinking about is the way that news like this spreads quickly and effortlessly, like electricity through copper. In fact, that makes sense, quanta of stuff travelling without resistance, as if the community of doctors, any community, was like a superconductor.

Tehre are, of course, substances like graphite, which only conduct electricity in certain directions. Graphite conducts in a plane - electricity may go sideways and back and forth but not up and down. I suspect, although I do not know, that the medical community is like that.

I don't know that they'd be happy with the comparison, but the community I serve is the same as the medical one in a way. In drug-using circles, almost everyone knows everyone, because everyone has at one time or another bought off, or sold to, or ripped off, or dobbed on, been in priosn with or been to the family court about everyone else. So news - news of deaths, or imprisonments, or bashings - travels fast.

We - the nurses more often than I, and the better nurses more often than the worse - get news like this faster than through the official channels. Someone says Jack Daniels got picked up for stabbing some guy in Innsmouth, and ten days later we get a letter from the Dangerous Drugs Council saying that our authority to prescribe drugs of dependence has been revoked, and a similar authority has been issued to Dr Rachet of the Prison Health Service.

Then a month or so later we hear that Jack Daniels got in a fight at the Drowning Neuron, and a week and a half later than that we get a letter from Prisons saying he's out.

By the way, one of our clients got in a fight down at Grunge Pharmacy the other day, and I felt I had to pass on this remarkable one liner he said. He described how this guy he knew pulled up in a car while he (our client) was waiting in line at the pharmacy, and attacked him with an iron bar and a claw hammer.

"You look to have come out of it alright" I said, wondering.

"Thing is, I happened to be carrying an axe at the time -" he began...

Anyway. Back to it.

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Anonymous foilwoman said...

That's it! As a solution to my problems, I just need to happen to be carrying an ax at any particular point in time. Now I have the answer!

And did he say why he happened to be carrying the ax?

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

That reminds me of a guy I once did some work with. He went on a job and came back, job completed. He sat down, grabbed a frosty and started telling us how it all went. Along the way he said, "So then this fucker says he ain't gonna pay. I says, 'You're gonna pay,' and then he pulls out his gun and says, 'Make me' so I did." We all sat there and then someone piped up, "Fuck me! How'd you manage that then?" The guy took another drink, leant back and said, "Easy. My gun is bigger."


My darling other half wants me to write a book about some of the more...ummmm...varied people I've met and some of the more....ummm...different jobs I've had.

Why carry an axe Foil? Because you never know when you might need one.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Foilwoman said...

Oh, I'll just write about the idiot SOB's on my blog. Anyway, I'm taller than they are (and probably better looking), so I'll just look down at their receding hairlines and think "I can beat him up, even if I don't." Works for me, and no ax on the subway. But I like the idea of carrying and ax.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Danny said...

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde; "It's better to have an axe than to not have an axe."

9:15 PM  

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