Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Day One

... and just finished nightshift. Right – what’s this going to be about and why am I writing it?

It’s probably going to be about my job. I work most of the time as an emergency doctor in a small metropolitan hospital, on a small city, on the Australian coast. Names and locations have been changed to protect the nocent. I’ve also just started working part time in an outreach kind of practice, providing primary care to twelve-to-twenty-five year olds, which means kids in prison, kids on the streets, gay and lesbian kids, that kind of stuff. Occasionally I do some psychiatry rosters. With a bit of luck I am going to Indonesia for some Tsunami relief work.

It’s going to be about my writing. I used to write much more than I do now, I got some stories published in small magazines. I write science fiction and fantasy and horror stories. I want to write those two or three pages Tales of Wonder and Tales of Unease I used to read as a kid, stories of aliens among us and us among the aliens. I want to write that sort of thing again, because I really miss writing, and step one is to get writing again. Hopefully writing an almost-daily journal does that.

It’s going to be about Australia, where I live, and the kind of places I find interesting. I grew up in South Western Australia, which to me means salt lakes and eucalypts, barley and wildflowers, red clay and salinity, isolation and poverty.

It’s going to be about ideas I find interesting – evolutionary biology, neuropsychology, ancient history, superheroes, religion, kung fu, transhumanism.

And it’s probably going to be about mental illness. I have bipolar disorder - probably Bipolar One, as far as I can work out. It's well controlled, and it doesn't interfere with my work, but it hasn't always been like that.

As to why, there is stuff in all of this I have to talk about. I will try to be as honest as I can, and sometimes you don’t realise something is true until you say it, so I’ll try to speak as honestly as I can.
Anyhow - the caffeine is wearing off. Next entry - asylums or needlesticks.

Stranger’s fever, by the way, is an old name for Yellow Fever. So is Bronze John – if you’re from the US, you get all this and toilet humour too.


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